Transformative Change

Transformative change is a meaningful shift in an organization’s culture, strategies, and/or processes that it currently uses. Many organizations rely on traditional or transactional approaches that focus on day-to-day processes and procedures that keep the organization running. Maintaining the status quo is the priority. Transformative change aims to re-align an organization’s operations to its core mission, objectives, and/or changing priorities.

When an organization does not use a proactive and robust focus on transformative change, it is at risk of having lower productivity, decreased quality, or even becoming less relevant. Organizations, like people, are not static entities and either improve or deteriorate. We must actively pursue continuous improvement and excellence.

Promoting transformative change requires a willingness to take a deep dive into the evaluation of current operations and maintaining an objective view of the current status. Key elements to achieving transformative change include asking hard questions, securing feedback from all employees, maintaining a transparent process, reviewing new ideas, and taking measured risks.

  • When was the last time your organization or department conducted a thorough review of its processes, procedures, and outputs?
  • Has your core mission, objectives, or operating environment changed?
  • Is your organization or department more productive this year than last year?
  • How comfortable are you with promoting change?

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